Techniques and Cases in Public Relations

Media Relations Plan

Chapter six discusses the building of better relationships with media and developing an online media strategy. This is a broad chapter topic, so I have decided to focus in on the aspects of the growth of business coverage in the media and socializing a media relations strategy. I will take a look at how these two topics relate to the Netflix ,“Taking the Bite out of the Binge” case. Through analyzing how these topics relate to the case, we can better understand why this case was a success and continues to be.

In years past, Netflix was thought of as more of a movie watching site rather than one where someone could find an assortment of relevant TV watching. Around this same time the phrase “binge watching” also emerged and was seen as something negative with relations to being a couch potato. Netflix decided they would take control of the conversation about what their site was known for and using the “binge watching” trend in their favor. To do so they had to choose a media outlet to release their campaign to and ended up going with the Wall Street Journal.

By embracing a traditional media outlet and taking advantage of the growth of business coverage in the media, Netflix made a smart decision to choose the WSJ. Netflix used the “binge watching” trend in their article to associate it to a positive feeling rather than one of laziness. Today, if you key in “Netflix” and “Binge” into the Twitter search bar over 100,000 tweets become available. Netflix now owns “binging” on television and has used social media to keep their followers up to date on the latest and greatest shows that have become available in their library. The first of every month offers a new wave of binge-worthy entertainment on the Netflix site and links and reminders are updated on social media religiously.

The Netflix case is a success due to the fact that they not only took control of the conversation and used a negatively viewed trend as a hook to gain subscribers, but they also had a well laid out media plan to make sure their messaging was received in the correct way. By utilizing a traditional news outlet like the Wall Street Journal they were able to put an article into a prestigious publication, as well as using social media since then to cultivate binging on a Netflix show to be as attractive as a night on the town with friends. The fact that many people in my demographic would pass up an opportunity to go out and be intoxicated on weekend because they are binge watching their favorite Netflix show is an accomplishment within itself. Human interaction is something that we should be placing above staying inside, cuddled in bed with our eyes glued to a laptop screen, but thanks to the Netflix campaign of binge watching our priorities have shifted. The urge to binge is an addiction like any other, so have you succumbed to hours of television yet?


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